Bulk Subscription

When you want to reward the important people who positively impact your business growth, be they from within or outside your organization, give them something with real value-knowledge.

Harvard Business Review invites you to send clients, business associates and VIPs a regular subscription of the magazine with a consistent, high impact message from you. You can also use it to gift your managers real management knowledge, that will directly influence your organization.

The result is a stronger relationship with them. With every issue they get valuable insights and foresight from the world's most influential management magazine, and you get a chance to communicate with them, even before they open the issue, with a four page cover jacket specially designed with your message. You can use the front cover and inside/outside back cover of the jacket for your information and promotional messages.

It's the ultimate direct communications vehicle and a great way to avoid the wastage of direct mail.

The HBR Corporate Connection offers you a number of advantages:
  • High visibility - Greater impact and recall value.
  • Focused - Cost effective and cheaper than most other media options.
  • Real Value - Recipients accept and appreciate the real value of the gesture.
  • Regular - On-going communication for a full year or longer.
  • Credible - You gain clout when your message is customized by the world’s foremost management magazine.
  • Targeted - Your defined recipient list means there is no wastage of resources. Your message reaches only the people you are targeting.
  • Easy - A turnkey solution, we do it all!